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Sound Bath - Corporate

Stress is one of the major contributor's to dis-ease and health problems. Immersion in sound can alleviate workplace stress and help with energy levels and a calm yet productive mind.

A sound bath is a guided meditation accompanied by sound and musical instruments such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and gongs, with Anne’s pure voice woven throughout.


Benefits include:


• Mind /Body balance

• Stress release

• Relaxation & a calm mind

• Increased energy

• A better night’s sleep

Prices begin at $500 for 1 hour

For up to 20 participants

Sound Bath - For Schools - (teachers/students)

Sound is a wonderful way to relax and gain the rest needed for working in the school environment.

What is the Process?


This is an entirely receptive process; where participants lie down comfortably and bathe in the music, ‘live’ sounds and guided visualisation. Allow around 10mins.


The session commences with a shortened version of Yoga Nidra to relax the whole body with a backing track of music.  A guided visualisation is then accompanied by the following sound tools: Tibetan bowls, Crystal practitioner bowl, gong, rain sticks and ocean drum, and toning with the voice.

Allow around 30min - 1hour.



After gently guiding people out of the meditation an Art exercise is offered, which expresses the experience of the Sound Journey. Allow around 15mins.


Participants then have opportunity to share their artwork and experience with the rest of the group. This process fosters personal validation and community spirit. Allow around 20mins


Prices begin at $375 per hour


Benefits include:


  • Mind /Body balance

  • Stress release

  • Relaxation & a calm mind

  • Increased energy

  • A better night’s sleep

  • Enhancement of confidence and self expression

Chakra Sound Bath 2_edited.jpg

Sound Bath - Private Groups

Anne is available to travel to and conduct sound baths for almost any occasion:

  • Birthdays

  • Weddings

  • Naming days

  • Funerals or wakes

  • Special ceremonies

Prices: $375 for 1 hour and $600 for 2 hours

* For Enquiries or to Book a sound Bath please fill in your contact details and email below:


From Ellison Public School - Well being Program - Teacher Participants

"I loved how the sounds and Anne's voice made me feel. I loved it all, every sound took me into total relaxation"

"Amazing and fantastic experience!"

"Anne creates a wonderful atmosphere in which you can totally immerse yourself in the experience."

Regular Wednesday night Sound Bath client:

"I have been attending Anne's Wednesday nights sound bath therapy for over 2 years now. Every session restores my peace and is extremely relaxing. I can literally feel the sounds, Anne's guided meditation and the vibrations working their magic through my body, mind and soul.
If you are looking for a genuine experience or ongoing treatments as part of your healing journey, this is the place. Let the sounds wash over your body and mind-its awesome and I cant recommend it more highly." Craig Beifus

Thanks! Message sent.

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