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Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy 


Workshop Dates

Next dates:   18th - 21st July 2019


With Anne Ridgway


Director, Blue Mountains Sound Therapy

Associate Teacher, International Sound Healing Academy


This unique 4-day sound therapy workshop will give you:


1.    A personal experience of the power and effectiveness of healing and transformation with sounds.

2.    An introduction to healing techniques with sound therapy instruments and your voice that you can                                      immediately apply to help yourself, your friends and your family.

3.    A solid foundation for the rest of our Diploma in Sound Therapy, if you’re following this course.

4.    The opportunity to get a taste of our workshop pathway and then decide whether you want to go further with                  our training.


      On this 4 - Day course you will learn the basics of:


·       Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls in Sound Therapy

·       Tuning Fork Therapy

·       Gong Therapy

·       Drums and percussion for healing

·       Voice for Health and Wellness

·       Plus the basic theory and concept of Sound as a Healing Modality.

























This course is open to therapists, musicians, teachers and those who have an interest in sound and it’s powerful healing effects.


No prior experience necessary, just a keen interest to learn more about ‘The Power of Healing Sounds’.


At the end of the 4-Day course, and upon completion of a Workbook, you will receive your Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy from the Sound Healing Academy.


This Level 1 Foundation Certificate qualifies you to practice Sound Therapy techniques with your family and friends. As a therapist you will gain some skills and techniques that you can integrate into your current practice.


If you want to go further with sound therapy training, you can progress onto our Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Sound Therapy, or take specialist courses focusing on one or more of the sound therapy instruments covered in the Level 1 course.


The Interbational Sound Healing Academy is an independent school accredited by the British Complementary Medicine Association and has been providing training in sound therapy since 2003. It has students and practitioners in 17 countries across 6 continents.



Course Themes:


Day 1:-






Day 2:-



Day 3:-



Day 4:-






Course Dates:


Thursday July 18th 2019, 9.30 am – 4.30 pm

Overview & Himalayan Tibetan Bowls singing bowls


Friday July 19th 2019, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Crystal Singing Bowls & Tuning Fork Therapy


Saturday July 20th 2019, 10.00 am – 4.30 pm

Drums and percussion for healing / Introduction to Gongs


Sunday July 21st 2019, 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Voice Therapy for Health and Wellness

Bringing it all together to create your own sound therapy toolbox


On each day of this practical, hands-on workshop course there will be some gentle warm-up exercises and a sound bath meditation. You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught in the workshop



Venue:     Katoomba YHA - Conference Room - Katoomba in the Blue Mountains NSW
















Course Fee:


4 Days -  $810 (Early Bird) or $942 after 20th December – not including accommodation or meals (add $25 for lunch and refreshments on each day)


1 Day  $295 – Includes lunch & Refreshments


Course Fee includes:


·       Workshop Training, including printed Handbook

·       Light Refreshments

·       Access to internet resources, including 33 Video Tutorials and 6 Audio Recordings in a private members’                             portal of the Colour of Sound Institute

·       Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Therapy – upon successful completion of all 4-Days and the                                     Workbook for the course























"Anne is an amazing teacher! For anyone considering a course in Sound Healing, then this is THE course for you! Practical and hands on and beautifully presented - I came away with an abundance of techniques, tools and confidence! Very comprehensive and amazing Course! Beautiful environment in the mystical mountains! :-) "

Elita - Central Coast


"I found Anne to be a compassionate teacher providing guidance with a knowledgable and loving presence" 

Donna - ACT



"This course and the facilitators was 1st Class! It was very enjoyable and entertaining for the participants who were all thoroughly engaged throughout. Thank you!"

Patti - Blue Mountains


Awesome workshop! Felt like I was let loose in a candy shop with the choice of instruments! Great fun learning and being creative in the process! Anne you are an awesome teacher...can't wait to do next level!"

Christine - Blue Mountains


"Just do It!! Don't is life changing!!"

-Amanda - Central Coast


"A very powerful, empowering experience"

Lesley - Perth


"Do it! Absolutely life changing! I have made life-long friends and exploded my spiritual development."


Jordann Christie 


“An eye-opening course, not forgetting, an ear-opening one as well. This is so important for us to get ourselves reconnected to the earth and sound and vibrations is such a key factor. This course is giving me the tools that is needed for this. I loved it!! It opened my heart….


Yogeesvaran Selvadurai - ‘Yogee’


“If completely healing and transforming your life appeals to you, then do this workshop!! Love you Anne! Thankyou…thank you…thank you…”


Tara Sticher


“The Course is useful personally and professionally. You won’t leave the same way you arrived. It’s a life changing few days on the start of a new journey into sound”


Stephanie Roper 


“Anne and her assistants are highly trained and skilful. So much information imparted with warmth and humility. A great sense of gratitude felt, the whole time. Thankyou...”


Sophia Stephenson


“If it interests you, take the leap and join the family! 


Kodi Thomas


“This is an incredible course that heals you so you can step forth and start to heal others… This course has awakened my spirit, my soul and has set me free to truly start LIVING”


Emma Clifford 


“Oh my.. The connections, the discussions, the beauty and generosity and flexibility of Anne. It has been complete perfection! As well as the support of Malachi, Jenny and Tracey too. If you feel the desire to do this course, you will walk away truly alive and fulfilled!”


Tina Meyer 


“This workshop has been a fantastic experience …an all round experience of amazing knowledge, wisdom and personal growth and healing. Constantly surrounded by love and compassion.”


Amanda Vass 


“Dive in and discover the power of sound and be amazed and empowered by the whole experience! So very grateful for you Anne and Tony..”


Simone Grose


“Learning in a non-judgemental way with hands-on guidance and application. Loved Anne’s gentle warm nature - she imparts her knowledge and runs the group to a very high level of expertise and brings her wealth of knowledge and experiences with her. Five Stars!”


Stewart Keeble


“Anne has been deeply informative and nurturing with our group. Her ability as a healer and teacher are very evident. Her softness and knowledge really brought together a great connectedness with us all” 


Tiz Robinson 


"I loved the Course! Anne was a fantastic and accessible tutor who held the space with a humble, professional and artistic 'flair' Thank you Anne "

Shani - Central Coast


"Wonderful Course! Highly recommended! Excellent overview of a vast field"

Jenny - Hunter Valley


"Just do it! Wonderful experience!"

Edwin - Hunter Valley


 *Places are already starting to fill for this Course*


For further information and booking please contact Tracey Woods whilst Anne is away in the UK.


Anne Ridgway:


Tel:  0247511864 or Mobile:  0417242978


Tracey Woods: 



Phone:  0409836460




There are a limited number of places available, and this workshop is also likely to sell out.


Secure your place now by paying a $243 deposit.







Level 2 Practitioner Diploma in Sound Healing - 5 Day Blended Course will be held in May 2019. 

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For Information on Level 2 Diploma Course for Sound Healing with Groups in November click on the link below:



To book please pay a deposit of $431 click the button below:








via Paypal on the 


Click on the link below to view testimonials for our most recent Level 2 Diploma Workshop 










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