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Good Vibrations!

Lovely workshop participants enjoying morning tea!.jpg
My September workshop was wonderful with 6 participants in total. We began with breathing techniques and then ventured into vocal rituals; which included laughing, keening and groaning. It was very releasing for people.

My dog Melanie also joined in with the singing! See accompanying video :-)

Following a morning 'high tea' on the back deck overlooking the bush, we did some toning and interval work using the tuning forks.

Here are some comments from someone who came along:

'Thank you for the session today. I learnt a lot. The effect seems to have been quite powerful. In the course of the afternoon I started to feel very dreamy, floaty and quite overcome with a feeling of great peace and lassitude. It's quite nice floating around on this cloud of cotton wool! I think today stimulated waves of feel-good hormones like serotonin and we were all being bathed in wonderful frequencies.'

All ready! .jpg
Toning with tuning forks_edited.jpg

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